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High Scalability –

February 18, 2014 Leave a comment

High Scalability – High Scalability – How the Architecture Evolved to 99.999% Availability, 8 Million Visitors Per Day, and 200,000 Requests Per┬áSecond


Script To Backup Hyper-V VMs

While trying to deal build automation within the server room, I cam across this page that scripts the process of shutting down VMs, backing up the VHD files, and turning them back on. The simple step-by-step process helps you set it up for automated maintenance of your virtual machines!

Hiding Files and Information With NTFS Alternate Data Streams

Nothing new, NTFS alternate data streams is hidden information was originally created back in the NT days to be compatible with the NFS file system. Alternate data streams are ways to attach hidden information or even entire files onto existing files. The best part is that it doesnt make the orginal file any larger so it can’t be easily detected.

Attaching information from a command prompt. This should open a new notepad where you can type information and store it in its own hidden file.
C:\> notepad secrets.txt:wireless.txt

Reading the information
C:\> more < secrets.txt:wireless.txt

Symantec has a great article demonstrating how attackers can take advantage of alternate data streams to attack a computer and store malicious files. Please note that this article should be considered for the more advanced readers in the security field.