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BusPirate v3.6 Firmware Upgrade

I was following a guide to using JTAG with the BusPirate and I ran into a problem upgrading my firmware. I run the upgrade script from a terminal in linux:

>sudo ./pirate-loader_lnx –dev=/dev/buspirate –hex=BPv3-frimware-v6.1.hex
Note: I have a udev rule to map my buspirate to /dev/buspirate and Yes, the firmware name is FRIMware, possibly a typo but that is the name of the file in the firmware download.

PROBLEM: Anyway, the update would fail with “Sending hello to the bootloader …. ERROR”

-I’m using Ubuntu linux
-I’m using minicom, just like the guide
-I verify I have a 4+ bootloader using the i command
-Using the $ command to enter the bootloader before running the upgrade script, like every upgrade tutorial says…but still fails.
ANSWER: The magic combination was to not use minicom to enter the bootloader. The official guide from dangerous prototypes mentions that the old way of entering the bootloader is to short the ICSP pins PGD and PGC, so that’s what I did instead of the $ command. And it worked! I’ve tried shorting the pins and also using minicom but that didn’t work either so I guess minicom is the problem. Do not use minicom to upgrade the firmware, instead short the ICSP pins and run the upgrade script.

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  1. sylvainpelissier
    April 13, 2015 at 4:07 am

    Thanks for the follow up. The behiaviour you described is strange, I did the same update few weeks ago and it worked well. Which version of the Bus Pirate are you using ?

  2. sylvainpelissier
    April 15, 2015 at 3:59 am

    Thanks for the follow up. I did the same update procedure few weeks ago and I did not have the same issue. Which hardware version are you using ?

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