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Real Life Holograms

Holograms have a long way but are still a futuristic technology with plenty of room for improvement. Read the article below for my I inspiration but first here’s what I believe needs to happen for then to be truly useful.

-high definition video. Most holograms have low definition and can be easily distinguishable as a hologram.
-dynamic, watcher aware video feeds. A true hologram shoud have like any 3-dimensional object that we see on a day to day basis. If we step slightly to the left, our perception of an object changes ever so slightly.
-no background noise. Some holograms are made possible either by smoke screen or a glass plate to receive the projected image. The true realism of the projections will not be apparent until, for example, your smoke screen isn’t flowing over your hologram making it look like its on fire.

Lasty, a hologram is always a work in progress , not when question wether an object is real or not, but when we don’t question that a hologram is real or not.


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