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Top SPAM Producing Countries

Among the top SPAM producing countries is the United States in a study from IT security firm Sophos. Shame you on IT admins and uneducated home users! 


Prevent Your Computer From Sending SPAM!
-Change you email password frequently and use strong passwords. If someone maliciously guesses or steals your password all they have to do is enter your username and password into their spam system to start sending mail from your account!
-Install antivirus software and actively scan your computer atleast on a weekly basis in additiona to the realtime scanning that antivirus software already does.
-Just as important, make sure the antivirus software stays up to date! It should be checking for updates on a daily basis.
-Most home users that use the trial version of Norton Internet Security or McAfee don’t realize that it’s ONLY a trial that expires after 30, 60, or 90-Days. Then its wortheless unless you upgrade to a licensed version or uninstall and get a free antivirus utility. The top free vendors include Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, or Avast!
-If you know you already have a virus or malware infection, CLEAN IT! If you paid or free antivirus software doesn’t completely clean it, download another free program called MalwareBytes. Again, free and covers what most antivirus packages can’t clean. Note: Buy the full version from malwarebytes.org for realtime protection but keep in mind this should be used in addition to regular antivirus software.

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